Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to make green beer

Do you want my beer?
Are you close to celebrate St. Patrick Day (17 March) or Miami University's Green Beer Day (Thursday before Spring Break)?

You need green beer for celebrate both parties with friends.

How to make green beer at home? What do you need? Are there any kind of  tips?

Is not hard to realize it. All you need is beer, a clear glass or mug, a spoon or stirring device of some sort, and food coloring.

Choose a pale beer – for example Harp, a pale Irish lager. If you’re not of Irish descent, you may use a non-Irish beer if you must, but for goodness’ sake, don’t brag about it around St. Patrick’s Day.

Beware to the foam. Because the food coloring gets stuck in the foam, is recommended to hold the beer mug at a slant, pour very slowly, let the beer stream hit the side of the glass and trickle down to the bottom, so you get minimal foam formation.

When the beer is in the mug with minimum foam, is time to add food coloring.

Emerald Green Beer
You need GREEN food coloring!! Don't think that cause beer is yellow you need blue food coloring for obtain green color.

To get the right color, you may need more or less drops of food coloring depending on the brand of the dye. So I recommend to always add a few drops at a time in order to better control the color.

Add 2 drops of green food coloring, stirring gently (you don’t want to create more foam by stirring too hard), added another drop or two… after six drops you got a green that leaned more emerald than olive.

Now the green beer is ready for drinking.

Enjoy your beer!!


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